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IS IT HOT ENOUGH FOR YOU? is a collection of poetry and art from hotpoet solstice gatherings.  The original edition was published in our online journal, Equinox, and was so well loved that we created this paperback bound version. We are grateful to all of the poets who participate in the solstice celebrations—who come when they can, bring their best work and good spirits, and collectively summon the muse. We are especially thankful to those who gave us revised poems and permission to publish them in this curated collection gleaned from nine years of our conscious effort to live joyfully and continue to create, even in the face of global discord and crisis. 



  • Contributors may contact Kelly or Tina for special year round disount code.
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Publication Date:

December 14th. We will start shipping orders right away!


Is It Hot Enough for You?

SKU: 9781736785126
  • 124 page Paperback Bound Book with poetry and full color artwork.

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