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The Wildwood Project, a hotpoet small press dedicated to helping poets publish their collections, has a special interest in diverse and underrepresented voices  This includes seasoned poets who are seniors, those physically challenged or dealing with chronic pain, and those in need of emotional support. We also seek to publish poets who have faced societal challenges from prejudice and discrimination including poets of color, poets from LGBTQ communities, poets who identify as women or nonbinary, and poets who are immigrants or children of immigrants. We are especially interested in well-crafted work that is bold, passionate and willing to explore all aspects of human experience. We believe that poetry should be rooted in the personal and physical as doorways to the universal and the spiritual. We prefer poetry that asks questions rather than professes answers. Finally, we support poets who assert the connectedness of all living things and who demonstrate concern for the future of our world and our planet.

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