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flash essay, photography

An equinox is equidistant,
poised on the edge
of one thing or another,
balanced on the cusp
of change or transformation.

 biannual, digital, multimedia journal

hotpoet has launched Equinox, a biannual digital multimedia journal that showcases poets, writers, and artists. While solstices are the extremes of the year, an equinox is equidistant, poised on the edge of one thing or another, the cusp of change or transformation. With this archetypal significance in mind, Equinox strives to explore the contemplative and motivational power of writers and artists; to celebrate how word and image
can create a world and then change it.  

We invite you to send us your poems, flash fiction, flash essay, photography, and art. We look for contemplative, argumentative, globally aware, despair-resistant, and apathy-abolishing works. 

Submission Periods and Publication Dates:

Spring Submission: December 15th through February 12th, with a publication date of March 20th.

We accept submissions via Submittable. 

Fall Submission: June 15th through August 1st with a publication date of September 21st.


Submission Guidelines:
You may submit up to 3 pieces of art, poetry, or flash fiction for a reading fee of $5, which will be used toward ongoing programs and publications at hotpoet, and which will fund a $100 “best in show” prize for every category of work (poetry, prose, and image) in every edition of Equinox.


Spring Theme: “In Our Back Yard” 

This theme invites varied interpretations, as the backyard is both an intimate and an iconic space. One connotation of the backyard is that it is the place where we play—as in, lawn chairs and inflatable swimming pools and sprinklers and barbecues. While the front yard presents a public façade, the back yard is where the pretense drops. Another possibility is that the back yard is the place where we hide—hide what we don’t want the world to see about us and hide ourselves away from what we don’t want to see about the world. This brings up issues of inclusion and exclusion—we’ve all heard the pedantic “Not in my backyard” proclamation. Your submission could be your response to these issues. The use of “our” suggests that the back yard is a shared space despite the illusion of separateness, in that we are bound together by invisible threads of our common humanity, whether or not we choose to acknowledge that interconnectedness. We are excited about this theme and look forward to experiencing what it evokes for you.

Fall Theme: To be announced.