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A biannual, digital, multimedia journal

that chronicles and showcases

poets, writers, and artists.

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Hotpoet fosters community through our passionate approach to life and writing and our efforts to  ignite this spark in others. We believe poets and writers have a responsibility to use their gifts and talents not only thoughtfully but also passionately in order to effect change in our world. We are committed to creating literary arts events, publishing insightful literature, and building inclusive support networks that nurture joy as well as awareness of our obligation to care for each other and for our planet. We honor the relationship between mind, body, and spirit and strive to integrate these facets of human experience in our creative endeavors. In the face of difficult times and daunting world challenges and conflicts, we consciously seek and celebrate beauty as a means to acknowledge our connectedness, fight despair, practice love, and prevail in hope.

Small Press Publications


a biannual, digital, multimedia journal

that will showcase

poets, writers, and artists.


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Is It Hot Enough for You?, our  latest paperback collection of poetry and art is at the printer and should be available by the middle of December.

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Equinoxour online journal is free.

Submission period opens on December 15, 2022. Click here for guidelines or to submit.

Donations are appreciated and further our efforts to support writers and artists.

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